Saturday, December 24, 2011


Rejoice?  It's a Christmas word, right?  The only time I hear it is at Christmas in a card or in a song. 

Today...God gave me this word.  I pondered it.  I (yes, you'll be surprised by this) asked questions about it.  I dissected it.  Re - to do again.  Joice - it must be a form of joy.

I came up with 'to choose joy again and again.'

I smiled.  I liked it.  I decided it is definitely not a Christmas word.  It is my word.  It is my word for 2012.  "Rejoice always."

Now for the tough part, how do I really do it?

God brought to mind the verse that follows..."Pray without ceasing."


Then ouch! 

I quickly counter with "Oh, I'm in an attitude of prayer.  I pray all the time as I zip from school to home and home to soccer games and..."  I'm stopped dead.  How is my meaningful in-depth, daily prayer time? Ew.w.w!

So we come back to prayer, Lord.

I must say I'm not surprised.  You took me to that word this summer.  :)  It's back.  It doesn't quite conjure up the pleasant, non-guilty emotions of 'the Christmas word rejoice.'

Yet, it's 'the how' to get to rejoice - choosing joy again and again.

Rejoice always.  Pray without ceasing! 

Got it!  :) 

Truth doesn't always slide down as easily as a Starbucks Peppermint White Mocha, yet it's truth just the same.  Thanks for my Christmas Eve gift!  (Like you haven't given me enough, already.  :))


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