Monday, November 7, 2011


On Saturday we were in Greenville for the SLYAC championship soccer game.  Well, technically we were there for the last 7 minutes of the soccer game.  Our source said it started at 2:00.  As we parked, we immediately noticed the game had begun. 

I quickly checked my watch, 1:52. 

"It must be the JV team," Madison said.

I smiled, "Yah, that's it.  There's no way they'd start early."

As we continued approaching, I noticed a familiar face, Colby.  "Colby's not JV," I said. "This is the varsity game!"

I scanned the score.  "At least we're winning."

The buzzer soon sounded and the Greenville boys jumped into piles like new puppies, cheering and high-fiving.

"I gotta go to the bathroom," I told the girls.  Unfortunately, our only choice was the porta-potties.  I went first and noticed immediately they were out of hand sanitizers.  Why is it that hand sanitizers are absolutely imperative in a porta-potty?  Uh, maybe because it's filthy and stinky in there.

"No hand sanitizers," I said as I exitted.

"Don't worry, mom," Meredith said.  "I have some."  She reached down onto her bookbag and snapped open Bath and Bodies candy apple sanitizer. 

I squirted the fruity scent into my open palm.  As the sweet, girly smell, spread over my hand, I smiled.  That's better!

Then Meredith went in.

When she came out she said, "It does stink that they don't have any hand sanitizer, but at least they had soap."


My eyes got big.  Madison started laughing. 

I was afraid to ask, but had to. "Meredith, did you use 'the soap?'

"No.o.o," she said slowly, trying to figure out my question.

I was afraid to ask the next question, but I had to, "Have you ever used---'the soap?'

"I don't think so," Meredith said.

Madison cut in, "Meredith, that's not soap!"

My darling daughter looked confused. 

Between laughs, Madison said, "That's so it doesn't get stinky where the boys pee."

The realization hit Mer's face as her eyes got big and the look of horror crossed her face, while Madison and I were practically rolling in the grass laughing.

Yes, it was a disappointing day.  Things did not go as we expected.   But whenever one of us would mention 'Soap' we'd be rolling again until our sides ached.

I sure do love my Mer!


  1. This is sooooo funny! So glad she's never touched that soap :)